Apartment Valadier (with garden and garage)
62010 Treia MC, Italia

€220.000.00· (Townhouses and in Hamlet) - Click on photo to enlarge

Ref.: A2774

In the heart of the beautiful historic centre of the city of Treia is a property that once belonged to the Acquaticci family. It has transformed over the years into a residential building of which there is for sale a two-level apartment with a garden and garage.

The property is located on the ground floor of the building and is accessible from the main street through its impressively formidable grand doors. Once inside, a spectacular atrium leads directly to the entrance of the apartment. This hallway was designed by the great architect Valdier who at the beginning of the 19th century was attributed to various projects in the same affluent and noble city.

The building stands on different levels, built on the surrounding city walls. An overlapping of historical architectural layers ranging from the Middle Ages to the late 19th century, up to the recent meticulous restoration, enhancing its structural aspect and ancient architectural character, such as the common areas of the large internal main staircase and atrium already mentioned.

The sale includes the apartment, covering an area of 228 sq. m, the cellar of 90 sq. m, the garden, and a generous garage for the exclusive use of the owners, located outside the walls, a few minutes walk away.

The apartment layout comprises of an entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, five bedrooms, a second lounge/dining room, two bathrooms, utility room and pantry. From this final room, a staircase leads to the garden.

The garden is also accessible via another staircase located next to the main stairs of the building. Some rooms have frescoed vaulted ceilings and others have vaulted ceilings but whose frescoes have unfortunately since been lost over time.

Access to the cellar rooms is via the common staircase and rooms. These ancient cellars boast cross vaults and arches, structures that attest to the medieval origins of the building.

The property is connected and equipped with all the essential services.