La Casa del Papa (house with panoramic roof terrace)
63068 Montalto delle Marche AP, Italia

€195.000.00· (Townhouses and in Hamlet) - Click on photo to enlarge

Ref.: A2772

Set in the heart of the splendid medieval village of Montalto Marche, located between the the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic coast, lies a residential building with a significant historic stamp.

As read from an epigraph placed on the main facade, this property hosted two of the most famous protagonists in the history of the Marches.

Pope Sixtus V, known for his contribution as the urban planning Pope and patron of the arts during the second half of the 1500s, and the architect Giuseppe Sacconi who rose to noteriety for the design and execution of the Altare della Patria in Rome.

The building as it appears today is the result of various periodic adaptations through architeral history. Its medieval origins are clearly identified in the basement, such as niches, vaulted capitals and spurs of ancient walls. The most recent renovations in 2018 incorporated seismic improvement though particular attention to detail made sure this was symatheticaly modified to make sure the ancient characteristics of the building remained substantially unchanged.

These include the wooden and terracotta beamed ceilings, the terracotta walls, floors (some of more recent ceramics) and  the beautiful construction technique of the external walls made of tightly packed solid brick masonry, and elegant cornices with corbel frieze elements.

The house stands on four floors for a total of 220 square meters placed at different levels that follow the natural course of the hill on which the town stands.

In the basement where there were once ancient shops, today there are cellars and garages with independent entrances located on the pedestrian street level. A stairwell was designed to connect the rooms on the upper floor and possibly incorporate them into a project for a larger living area.

On the ground floor there is a beautiful entrance which leads to the house on the upper floor and to the adjoining rooms. This is a large space at present occasionally used for exhibition events with a direct entrance from the street in front.

In the back there is a hallway and a pre-arranged but unfinished bathroom. These rooms as well as the basement floor could easily be converted into living spaces and connected to the rest.

On the first floor the immediately functional and usable apartment is distributed over a living space with wood-burning fireplace, kitchen with dining area, two double bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.

A spiral staircase leads to a terrace of about 13 square meters oppening to views of a spectacular panorama.

On the same level as the terrace there is a large attic room for storage of about 60 sq m.

The terrace view is nothing short of spectacular, encorparat landscape of the Marche Region, from the roofs of the adjacent buildings, the bell towers and the facades of the churches and the monuments to the surrounding countryside and villages and further to the Adriatic coast and the sea.

The house, thanks to its sunny position, enjoys great internal brightness. Each window represents the frame of a picture open to the landscape and the romance of the village.

Easily accessible by car and the nearby parking area make it an easy-to-use home both for residential use and for a possible tourist accommodation business (in fact it could host either a single unit or more than one considering the different independent entrances) .

All services connected and functioning: electricity, water service, connection to the sewage system, heating powered by town gas.