About Us

It is a daily pleasure for us to help you fulfill the dream of choosing Le Marche as your home: buying and restoring our architectural pieces you will keep our countryside, history and tradition alive.
Our agency, which has been the first one to deal with this kind of real estate market in Le Marche, selects the best buildings and offers them for sale to clients who can understand their value. You can contact us (by email or by telephone) before your visit to ask any information about our listings. We will provide any clarification you may need regarding structure and condition of the buildings and all the bureaucratic aspects of a purchase. During your visit we will help you make the best choice and we will then explain all the legal aspects of a purchase with the help, if you want, of a legal consultant. Ours will be a continuous assistance, until the final contract. When required, we will be able to provide advice about professionals (geometras, architects, etc.) and if you intend to use your house as a holiday home or only for short periods, we will be pleased to recommend good “house management” companies.


Monica Bruni, after having studied Architecture in Rome (Università La Sapienza), and in particular the protection and restoration of architectural treasures. She has worked in the restoration of old buildings and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Fermo since 1997. She is registered with number 270 at the Official Register of the real estate agents. During your trip in Le Marche, choose an authorized agency with legal guarantees. Ask for seeing the register membership card of your agent, and you will be safe, professionally assisted and guaranteed.