Casale Scentella
63854 Santa Vittoria In Matenano FM, Italia

€220.000.00· (To Restore) - Click on photo to enlarge

Ref.: A2776

In the beautiful and unspoilt landscape that surrounds the medieval village of Santa Vittoria in Matenano, just five minutes by car from the historic centre, a splendid traditional stone farmhouse with land of about 1 hectare.

The farmhouse can be reached along a farm road between ancient oak and olive trees. A romantic landscape that evokes ancient times surrounds the building. The farmhouse stands massive, austere and solitary in the center of its courtyard. All around fruit trees of different species, a small vineyard, and ancient olive trees. A rare oasis of peace, tranquility and wholesomeness.

Judging from its appearance, size and features, the farmhouse must have been one of the most important in the area in terms of agricultural activity and certainly inhabited by a large family.
The farmhouse stands on three floors for a gross surface area of 274 sq m. It is divided as follows: on the ground floor the ancient stables and cellars, on the first floor the home of the family who owned it and on the largely reusable attic floor the warehouses for agricultural products and storerooms.

The farmhouse today is in a state of unusability. It requires complete restoration. Demolition and reconstruction are not permitted. In fact, they would alter its historical characteristics and its beautiful “patina” by depriving it of its indisputable charm. All the original materials, stones, terracotta and wooden beams are present and reusable (these unfortunately largely need to be replaced).

The electricity services and the water system are present and can be easily reactivated.